How to use Picasso App on Android/iOS [Complete Guide]

Hey, Are you searching for how to use Picasso app? . We are going to give you complete guide about how you can use Picasso app. You will be able to use the picasso app easily By the end of reading this article. This website is all about the Picasso app, so we are doing our best to
guide you all about to use Picasso app. Though the Picasso app is not easy and simple, we are going to give a simple guide to using this app. In the last few years, the Picasso app became famous in India, and then It went viral all over the world due to its incredible features, including free Streaming.

use Picasso App

What is the Picasso app?

In this world full of depressed and boring routine life, We all need some entertainment to make our lives interesting. Watching movies is a source of entertainment. Everyone cannot afford to watch movies in cinemas, So most people watch movies on their devices like phones, laptops and Smart TVs. A proper functional app is everyone’s need to download movies on it. Not everyone can afford a subscription to apps like Disney+ etc. So, an Indian developer developed the Picasso as an Android app first, which is completely free to use; everyone can make use of it without any subscription charges.

You can enjoy yourself by watching huge content like TV shows, Web Animation series, and live Cricket matches of IPL and many different cricket leagues around the world. This free subscription feature made this app quite famous not just in India but in the whole world in just a few years. Later, with this Popularity, the developers brought the PC, IOS and Smart TV versions of it.

From where to start using the Picasso app?

If you want to learn about How to use Picasso app, Then You must have installed this app on your device. If you are desiring to know how to download and install the Picasso app on your device, then you should read the Blog (Article link). After you have the app on your device, tap to open the device. If the app starts loading, then wait for some seconds. After loading, the Picasso app gives you a very nostalgic interface. Hunt for your favourite content and entertain yourself.

How to use Picasso App to watch Bollywood Movies?

If you are an indian by a nation, then you will love watching Indian movies. In the film industry around the world, Indian films are recognised as Bollywood. The Bollywood film industry has made its name to a high level in the last 30 years. Many film addicts around the world, including english people, also watch Bollywood movies dubbed in English.

If you also wish to see Bollywood movies, then open the Picasso app, click on the Bollywood section, and it will show you Top Trending Bollywood films. This app also gives you a collection of old Bollywood movies recently uploaded; otherwise, you can search for any of your favourite movies in the search bar.

How to watch the Sports channels on the Picasso app?

Watching sports channels on the Picasso app is not very difficult.You can please yourself by watching sports channels on this app by clicking on the Sports section. After clicking on the button, it will show you a list of different sports channels from all over the world. It will also give you different sports to choose from like football, cricket, tennis, hockey and basketball.

Select any of your favourite sports to watch. After choosing the sport, you can watch Live streaming of your selected sport if the tournaments are playing. IPL, Asia Cup, and Worldcup are the top Streaming for the Picasso app.

How to watch the Live TV section of the Picasso App?

 Live TV section of the Picasso App

In the last decade, Android phones have replaced televisions. These days, TV channels can also be played on Android phones. But after installing the Picasso app on your phone, you can watch Live TV channels without any subscription or charges.

You can watch different TV channels of different countries to entertain yourself. It will give you TV vibes on your phone, too, even if you are outside. After selecting the Live TV option, a list of categories channels like drama, sports and news will show on your screen; you can choose many channel to watch and entertain yourself.


Google Play store does not support The Picasso app. You can get this app by searching Picasso app download on the Chrome browser and download it from the top of the site.

Yes, if you want to download movies, choose any movie, tap on the download button, and enjoy movies when you have a disturbance in your internet connection.

Yes, the Picasso app offers Hindi subtitles absolutely for free. You can also watch your favourite content in different languages like Tamil, Hindi, English and Urdu subtitles.

Yes, the Picasso app offers free Live TV casting. You can watch different TV channels Live, like songs, movies, news, and drama TV channels, without any subscription. You can also use picasso app to watch latest movies.

Yes, the Picasso app is also like the Pikashow app because both apps access free Streaming to web series, TV shows and Animated movies and have similar features.


In this Blog, we have access to full information about How to use Picasso app. Picasso app is among of the biggest free streaming apps. An Indian developed it. This app delivers you an ad-free interface. Using the Picasso app, you  can watch free IPL live-streaming. We’ve describe what is Picasso app and  We put light on almost every section of the Picasso app, like Bollywood, Live TV, and sports. We tried our best to share more and more information about the Picasso app.

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