Picasso vs Pikashow: Artistic Genius Reigns Supreme

This Blog is about comparing the Picasso app and the Pikashow app. This site is based on the Picasso app. We have covered nearly every topic on the Picasso app. The comparison between Picasso and Pikashow was the most searched topic on our site. So, We have written a comparison (picasso vs pikashow) between these two apps below.

Picasso vs Pikashow, this comparison makes sense between two streaming apps. Many people believe they both are the same apps. Yes, they are the same in pronunciation but not the same in features, themes, Policies, and other things. There are so many differences between the apps. If you also want to know the apps’ differences,
read our full article.

picasso vs pikashow

About the Picasso app

The internet is the basic source of entertainment, information, and much more. But many people use it just for entertainment. Most users entertain themselves By watching Web series, movies, and animated films. There are so many apps on the internet to watch this content, but free subscription apps are the most downloaded apps.

Picasso app is one of the most popular apps in the world, which access all this without getting paid. An Indian developed this app. Due to its free user interface, it has become popular over the years. First, it was developed as an Android app. Later, watching the demand of users, the management introduced the PC version of the app. It is one of the most downloaded OTT apps in the world. You can access Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood, and Hollywood content in the app. This app access you an incredible feature which is the Downloading facility.

You can download and watch your favourite content offline or without internet access. This app has multiple features, including free subtitles and dubbed language content. You can also watch Live cricket and multiple sports on this app by tapping on Sports channels. Picasso is a torrent application because it does not cost you any money to download content.

About the Pikashow app

Most of the people get entertained by watching cinema stuff like movies, web series, and animation series. There are hundreds of apps on the internet that access. All this stuff. But free subscription apps are the most valued among them. Pikashow app is also among the apps that deliver all this without getting paid. An Indian developed this app.

It became popular within a short time. The Pikashow app is available on Android, PC, and smart TV. This app has an ads-free interface, which is the second most important reason for the popularity of the app.

It is one of the most valuable OTT apps in the world. You can watch stuff from around the world. This app provides incredible features like subtitles and dubbed content in few languages. It is a Pirated app. The Indian government has banned this in Past, But you can still download it from multiple browsers. Because it has much content which got banned by the Indian government, it does not have any permission to publish stuff.

Comparison of the apps-Picasso vs Pikashow

The Picasso app:

Picasso is one of the most downloaded streaming apps in the world, which access free stuff. It is a legitimate OTT app available on IOS and Google Play Store. Picaso app is legal to use and is safe and secure. It has added a free interface. It also accesses Live cricket matches. The Picasso app has 500K downloads.

The Pikashow app:

The Pikashow is a Third Party app. It is quite similar to the Picasso app, but they have many differences. It is banned by the Government of India. This app is unavailable on IOS and Google Play Store because it is a Pirated application. It has content which the government of India bans. It is not an assured app. It does not have any rights to Publish the content. The most essential thing is this app is illegal to use. The pikashow has 280K downloads.

Quality Experience(Which app is better, Picasso vs Pikashow?)

Legal apps are the most valued apps. So, The Picasso app is legal to use, and it does not include any Pirated content. It does not show any ads. If you want Picasso should be your first choice to use any safe and secure application to watch content. The Picasso app has multiple content from all around the world.

If you want to watch Pirated content, use the Pikashow app. But Pikashow is not legal to use because it is a pirated application and is banned by the government of India. Because it is an illegal app, it may harm your data and device because it is not a fully secured app. The Pikashow app does not have much content library like the Picasso app. After watching all this information, The Picasso app is far better than the Pikashow app on every side.


We wrote a comparison article between two apps, Picasso vs Pikashow. We have briefed you about their different policies and features. The Picasso app has more features and more content than the Pikashow app. Picasso is legal, while Pikashow is pirated. In the end, after discussing Picasso vs Pikashow, the Picasso app is a hundred times better than the Pikashow app.


No, the Picasso app is much better than The Pikashow app. They have no comparison at all.

No, the Pikashow app is illegal because it has pirated content. Due to the much-pirated content stored in the app, the government of India decided to ban this app. Because this app is banned, it may harm your device.

Yes, The Picasso is a legitimate OTT application. It is also available on multiple platforms like Windows, Google Play Store.

The Picasso app ranks higher because it has 500k+ downloads, and The Pikashow app has just 280K+ downloads.

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