How to login Picasso app?

If you are facing login issues with the Picasso app and want to solve this problem, this blog will be very informative. In this blog, we will brief you on How to login Picasso app. If you are exploring the same thing, please continue reading this article to the very end. This blog is completely about the Picasso app.

Our goal is to furnish you with an extensive guide on the account usage of the Picasso app. After reading this complete blog and following our instructions, you will get to know about the full usage and login of Picasso app. We will also discuss the logging out and necessary guides of the Picasso app.

About Picasso app

Everyone wishes to watch TV shows, Live cricket, and movies without any paid subscription. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar are some of the top paid subscription apps streaming movies, Animation movies, and web series with millions of users. Seeing the interest and demand for streaming movies, an Indian developer decided to develop an app with the same features but free of cost. So he developed the app named The Picasso app. Picasso app has many features, including free subtitles and different dubbed languages. This app is well-customized and designed. The Picasso app delivers an add-free interface, meaning Catch your favorite shows and movies without cost and ads.

Google Play Store and Chrome browser can easily download and install it. The Picasso app has many Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and Tollywood content stores. A standout aspect of this app is its access to the downloading facility. You can watch any content online and offline by obtaining the content via downloads. You can also entertain yourself by watching your favorite sports Live on sports channels for The Picasso app.

How to login Picasso App?

Almost every app needs a Google ID, Phone number, and address to login app. The user feels insecure about giving data to such apps. But to login Picasso app process is not like that. Thanks to its uncomplicated login, getting into the Picasso app is a piece of cake. It does not require any Gmail ID, Phone number, or address. You can log in through the app by just using your username. Presenting a comprehensive guide on How to login Picasso app:

  • After downloading and installing the Picasso app, open the app; It will show you some features of the Picasso app. You can skip this and turn to the login page.
login picasso app
login picasso app
  • You have to fill username and Password. Choose a unique username or add some numbers to your full name.
  • After filling in the username, if the bar turns green, then this name is available, and if it turns red, this username is unavailable.
  • Now select the Password for your Picasso app, which you can easily remember.

How can one initiate the log-out process on The Picasso app?

We are giving you the logout guide because if you feel insecure on this platform or want to log in on another account, you can easily log out after reading this. Because it is related to the login of the Picasso app, we are adding this information to our blog. After applying these simple and easy steps, you can log out from the Picasso app.

  • Open the three lines symbol
  • Tap on My account
  • You will find a logout button after scrolling. You can logout by tapping on logout button.


No, The Picasso app does not require a Phone number for login. It just requires a username and password to log in the app.

Yes, You can use the Picasso app on Smart TV by just downloading and installing the Picasso app for Smart TV from Playstore or Chrome browser. This app runs smoothly on Smart TV and does not show any ads. You can also watch content in High Quality on Smart Tv.

Yes, You can get out from the Picasso app easily by Just tapping on the three dots and selecting the My Account option, then scrolling down and tap on the logout button.


The Picasso app is an Android app that streams live cricket and movies. Many people download it but can not log in through the app. This blog post provides a simple guide about How to login Picasso app. We have described the login of the Picasso app in simple and authentic steps.
We have also explained out and logged in to another Picasso account. If you find this article helpful, then leave a comment to appreciate our efforts.

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