How To Download Movies From Picasso App?

In this blog we are going to provide you some information about how to download movies from Picasso app. if you are wishing to download the web series and movies from the Picasso app then you have to read article carefully. We are going to put a light on downloading the web series, TV animations and movies on Smart TV, PC, Android, and, IOS. So you can download your favorite movies without any issues.

Download Movies From Picasso App

In this Busy and boring routine life, everyone needs some entertainment to have some joy.
while searching for entertainment a simple word came to our minds movies. there are
many scam movie sites on Google so you have to stay out of them to not waste your
time and data. if you want to watch movies just watch it on Picasso app.

What is Picasso app?

Picasso is an app that delivers free streaming of Animataions, web series, and movies.The best
part of this app is it delivers all this stuff without any cost. Picasso app was developed by
an indian developer as an android app later with it got famous the developer introduced the PC
version of it which can also be installed on the Smart TV.

Picasso is an app resembling Prime video and NFlix. Picasso app has many extra ordinary features like it can be operate without any account signin, we can download the movies , content is dubbed in different languages, subtites are available in different languages etc.

How to download movies from Picasso app?

If you are wishing to download movies so you have to install the Picasso app for PC, Android and iOS first from our site. You can download any kind of movies,TV Talk shows and many more of your favorite content by make a use of these easy steps.

  • Install the app after downloading it from browser.
  • after the installation the app tap on the app to open it.
  • Now you have an access to a large number of content like TV Talk shows, movies etc.
  • Play a movie you want to watch.
  • search for the save button while watching the movie.
  • Press on the save button.
  • You will be notified by a notification on the screen.
  • You have to select an option to save the content in your Picasso app or inyour device.
Download movies on picasso apk

Download Movies From Picasso app On PC:

If you are wishing to download movies from picasso app on your PC then you have to read and make an act on these steps.

  • Open the chrome browser and search for the Picasso app for PC.
  • Choose the best top rank site and a space for the download file.
  • You should download the Picasso app for Pc from that Top rank site.
  • To install the file go for the install or extract option.
  • Choose the extraction location to extract the file and install the app.
  • Hunt your favorite content in the Picasso app.
  • Press a click on the download option and have fun.
  • Congratulations! you have download movies from picasso app.

Download Movies From Picasso App On Android:

  • If you are desiring to download movies on your Android device then you have to follow these steps.
  • Download the app from a big ranked site
  • Install the app and hunt for your favorite content.
  • Press a click on the three dots button and select the file location to download.
  • Download your favorite web series or movie by pressing a click on the Download button.
  • Entertain yourself by watching the downloaded web series or movies when you dont have any internet connection.
Download movies with picasso apk

Download Movies From Picasso app On iOS:

If you are desiring to download movies on your IOS then you have to follow these steps.
it might be difficult but here are some easy options to download.

  • Download app from safari or chrome browser.
  • Go to the IPhone settings and search for the Third part devices to install the app.
  • You can install any third part app by turning on the Third part access to device.
  • Open the Picasso app search for your favorite content like webseries and movies.
  • Play a movie and tap on the download button and enjoy the content whenever you want.


In this modern Era movies are the origin of entertainment for most of us. Everyone want to download movies on their phones, PC and IOS. We have briefly described you about how to download movies, web series and much content on Picasso app. We have provided a large information about how to download movies on PC, IOS and android through Picasso app.

You can also download the movies from reading our blog above.Hope it will be very informative blog for all of you and dont forget to read our Blog.


No, it is definitely not safe to download the movie from Picasso app on IOS, Because you need to turn on the third party access to device and Picasso app is not so secure app it may harm your device and personal data.

Yes, after you download the Picasso app on IOS you have access to a large amount of movies with the HD resolution andd dubbed languages.

Yes, sometimes the server goes down or when you have exceeds the data limit and you cant watch movies online so you just have access to downloaded movies in the app .

Picasso app is properly free from ads but sometimes the app got affected by viruses because it is not fully safe and secure app.

Yes, if you have an old computer just update your computer with atleast windows 7 then you can have access to the many apps. Just download the Picasso app for PC through any browser.

Yes,it is available on the app, you can watch and download shershaah movie without any ads on Picasso app.

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