Picasso app not working? Fix it With Easy Steps in 2024

Picasso app is known for its free streaming of cricket, videos, and films. The app provides the best features to entertain yourself. Many users are getting pleasure while using this app for free. Like other well-known apps, sometimes errors occur on this app, too.

The app developers are working on it to make the app advance, but sometimes technical errors occur that results in Picasso app not working. we are going to discuss the errors of the Picasso app, Why it is not working, and how to fix the issues.

Why is the Picasso app not working?

If you are a Picasso app user and your app is not working, then you can fix the issues by checking the errors and solution is same for Android and Pc version of Picasso. Here are some reasons and their solutions.

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Picasso app not working

Crashing of the Picasso app:

Picasso app has millions of users and also has a lot of heavy stuff like web series and movies in it.
When Millions of people access this site at the same time and watch and download movies concurrently, due to this heavy traffic and low app management, the app crashes from time to time.


Basically, it has no solution over you, But you can wait for the developers to move, and when they fix this crash you can have access to this app.

Outdated Version of the Picasso app:

Sometimes the reason for Picasso app not working is the older version of the app, system errors occur, and then the app developers add a new update to the app to fix some bugs and bring new features to the app for Windows and Android, too. Because this app is not available on the Google Play Store, you will not be notified about the app update notification.


All you have to do is uninstall the older version of the app and download the latest Version from a trusted and worthy site.

Low Internet Connection:

In low-progressed countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, low internet access is the biggest problem for the citizens of these countries. When a user is watching a movie or live cricket on the Picasso app, and it slows down or even the app stops running the stream, then these type of errors occurs due to low internet access. Most of the time, we have to deal with a low internet connection.


Because online streaming apps consume more data, we have to check our internet connection. If our internet speed is above 500 kb per second; then, we can watch the videos on the app without any obstacles.

Compatibility of the device we are using:

Sometimes, due to the compatibility of the device, errors occur on the Picasso app. As we know, due to the low safety of the app, Iphone and Macbook softwares IOS does not allow the app to run on their devices because it may harm your security or your personal data. Most of the time, the problem is the device compatibility.


Use this app on Android phones and Windows only.

Interference of Governments:

Because the Picasso app contains a lot of movies and content which is for 18+ only, That’s why
Many countries’ Governments ban these types of apps for the advantage of citizens, and they
does not want to spread vulgar content. One more reason is this app is against the laws of
copyright infringement.


You can use a VPN to gain access to the apps that are banned in your country.

How to fix the Picasso app’s Technical issues?

Sometimes, a little technical fault can be a big problem for your app. You can fix the technical issues of the app by following these steps:

Check the Server status of the Picasso app

If yourPicasso app not working, then Firstly, you need to check the Picasso app server status by using tools on the Internet Because Sometimes the server of the app is down, and you have nothing to do with it. Just wait for some time; the Management team of the app will fix this problem within hours or days.

Clear Cache data of the app

If you want to fix the Picasso app not working issue, you need to clear all the Cache data of the app, then it may start working again.

clear cache for picasso app

Disconnect VPN:

If you have cleaned the cache data of the app and it is still Picasso app not working, then you should
check your VPN. If it is attached then you have to unlink it. Occasionally, VPN disturbs the
apps from working perfectly.

Check your Internet Connection:

After applying all the steps above, if still your Picasso app is not working, You have to check
your internet connection. If it is off or slow, then it might be a problem for your app.

Reboot your device:

If you have applied All the steps above and your Picasso app is still not working fine, then you
have to restart your phone because most device or app bugs can only be fixed by restarting
your phone. Hope after applying these steps, your Picasso app might be working really fine.

FAQ’s-Picasso app not working

Picasso app is a well-known app for its free streaming content, that’s why it has millions of users due to this heavy traffic and low team management members, the app crashes mostly.

Yes, the Picasso app is against copyright infringement Because it affects the film industry, the producers and directors have invested so much budget on the films, and these free streaming apps do not give them a single penny and add different movies and other content to their apps without the owner’s permission, so it is against the copyright law, and that’s why it is illegal.

Yes, the Picasso app offers access to Live cricket channels for free.


Like many apps, the Picasso app also has millions of users, so due to this heavy user traffic and heavy data stored in the app, the app crashes often, and due to crashing the app, it does not work fine from time to time. We have informed you about the reasons and solutions for the Picasso app not working above in the blog.

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