Is Pikashow App Safe? Unveiling the Safety Aspects of Pikashow App

As you know, pikashow apk stands tall due to its top-rated glory in India’s vibrant world of streaming apps. But like other well-known platforms, shadows loom over this digital gem, casting doubts on its legal status and privacy policy for users. So, in this article, we aim to uncover the concerns on your serious question: is Pikashow app safe or not?

Pikashow apk safe

Questions about the safety of using the Pikashow app have arisen as the platform gained popularity. Concerns regarding data theft and copyright infringement emerged when some OTT platforms filed lawsuits against Pikashow. These legal challenges brought more incredible discussions among platform users with concerns about their data stealing.

This article will be divided into two parts. First, we’ll get to know the Picasso app, setting the stage. Then, we’ll examine various users’ and customers’ opinions and experiences. Before we dive into the investigation, let’s familiarise our first users with the Pikashow app, its usage and outstanding features.

Pikashow app and its features

Pikashow app is a well-known live streaming app based in India that provides free live cricket, live NEWS, web series, and more entertaining content just like Pikachu app. It has both free and premium membership, but most people find its free membership worth it. You can enjoy your favourite entertaining stuff on a smartphone and smart TV.

There are many valuable features of the Pikashow app, but here we are covering the top outstanding features.

Multiple languages:

Picasso App offers content in multiple languages, allowing users to enjoy their favourite language. This distinctive feature has placed PicassoApp as a strong competitor against streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Free Live Streaming And Web Series:

Many people enjoy watching web series in the current era, but accessing them often requires subscriptions to multiple streaming services. With the Picasso Apk on your smartphone, you can watch web series content and enjoy live cricket streaming from various platforms without any cost.


Whether passionate about Android or devoted to iOS, the Picasso app ensures a consistent and high-quality streaming experience. This app promises a seamless and superior streaming experience on diverse platforms.


PikaShow offers a user-friendly experience by allowing easy customization of features. Users can personalize playback speed, subtitles, audio preferences, screen size, background theme, and video settings to boost their viewing experience.

Reasons to use the Pikashow app

User-friendly interface:

Navigating the Picaso Android app might be challenging because of its sophisticated and elaborate features. However, in reality, it boasts a user-friendly interface that is simple and uncomplicated, which makes it accessible to everyone without causing any discomfort.

Safety measures:

The creators promise to protect your privacy and offer round-the-clock support for any questions. They boldly state that Pikashow app is safe and respects your privacy.

Free Subscription:

Picasso allows you to enjoy streaming and watching movies services without requiring any registration or subscription . Install the app, and you can enjoy all its features entirely for free.

No Extension Required:

To use the platform, you don’t need to download an extension. In this way, they ensure that privacy policy is maintained with smooth streaming. You can directly access this platform through an app or website.

pikashow app safe

Reasons to avoid Pikashow app

Here are the reasons which raise the question, “Is Pikashow app safe?”

Not Available on Google Play Store:

Some people think this app is illegal because it is unavailable on the Play Store. They argue that if it is a genuine app, then its application should be available on the Play Store.

Security Notification:

When someone tries to install the Pikashow app, a security notification appears about third-party policy. It is one of the arguments of the concerned people that a good platform should meet the criteria of security setups of Android applications.

Redirect Pathways:

Sometimes, when people try to watch live streams, they are redirected to other websites for which they think Pikashow is misusing other platforms’ content, which is entirely illegal and against copyright rules.

Pikashow App Developer’s Answer:

According to the developers of the Pikashow app, this is entirely safe. As the criticism appears in the digital world, they answered that the Pikashow app is available on the Google Play Store. Still, most people either use this platform on the website or use modded versions, so they usually need help redirecting to other websites.

They claim it is their first priority to satisfy people’s concerns. For this, they have developed a 24/7 support system where they can get any type of help. They have a team that is always available if you find any bugs.

Is Pikashow App Safe? | Different Opinions:

Here are the opinions of people of different categories:

Online Communities:

People on online communities and forums have different opinions about the safety of Pikashow, but when we checked different surveys, we found that most of the people had not faced any problems; on the other hand, some had security concerns, as discussed above.

Website’s Opinion:

Many websites that provide modded versions believe it is very safe, but they can’t upload it on the Play Store as they have no license. They say you can get premium features with this version without cost or harm.

Our Opinion:

After much research on the question “Is the Pikashow app safe?” we have concluded that the official Pikashow app is entirely safe. You can use it safely, but avoid using the modded version as it may contain bugs that may virus your devices and use your data for their gain. So, if you find any problem, delete this specific app version instantly.

Pikashow apk safe or Not


Yes, the official Pikashow app is safe and can be used without harm. Still, there are some rumours about its safety and copyright measures.

Officially, there is no exact answer to this question because National Communication Authorities and the High Court have yet to receive an official statement against the complaint from some OTT platforms.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, you have found the answer to your question. You’re in control of whether you want to utilize this app. It’s up to you whether you want to use this app. However, the majority of people think the Pikashow app safe, and they have yet to challenge any difficulty. In the end, we will be delighted to get your opinion on this topic in the comment section.

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