Download Picasso apk Old version [2024]

If you desire to watch Cricket Live, movies, web series, and much more for absolutely free, then the Picasso apk Old version is the best option for you. You can watch all this stuff on a single platform. This app has a lot of features. First, It was developed as an Android app. The app developers release the updated versions yearly to add unique features.

picasso apk old version

In every update, the app developers access the users to a more useable feature and mostly change the theme of the app. However, some people do not like the new version; instead, they like the Picasso app old version. Here, You can explore the old versions of
Picasso app.

About the Picasso app

In this modern era, everyone desires to watch web series, TV shows, and movies on their mobile phones, and most people do not want to spend money on this. So, Keeping an eye on this demand of users, an Indian developer developed the Picasso app. The vision behind developing this Picasso app was to provide users with a free interface to watch and download all the stuff. Because some users are paying bills for the same content applications like Prime Video, Disney+, Hotstar, and Netflix, most people need help to afford the subscription to those apps.

The Picasso app delivers free online streaming of live cricket, TV shows, web series, and animations. The app got popular within the months, and the reason behind this was it does not cost you any payment.
After the Android version of the app became famous in less time and caring for the demands of users, the developers introduced the Picasso PC and Smart TV version of it.Which are also running worldwide.

Why should you install the Picasso apk Old version?

The users install the Picasso apk Old version app for many reasons. The old versions of this app are mostly stable and authentic. It means the older app version does not crash, mostly like the updated versions. The old versions run more smoothly and do not show any problems while streaming.

In every update, the theme of the app and the layout are changed, and in the old versions, the good thing is you can feel comfortable using the same theme, layout, and the whole interface without breaking your rhythm. If you want the same rhythm and feel comfortable with the same layout without any hassle for the new layout, then the old versions are the best.

How can you Install Picasso App Old Versions?

It is very easy to install the Picasso apk Old version. You can install the older version by uninstalling the updated version first. Because if you want to run the older version on your device, you must remove the updated version. It’s just a simple process.

picasso app old versions

But if you want both versions older and updated to run simultaneously, you must install the clone apps. After installing the clone app, install the older version of the Picasso app, and it will ask you for some permissions to run both apps simultaneously on a single device. You can install the older versions by taking action on these two simple steps.


Yes, Picasso apk Old version is more sustainable and authentic. The older versions do not crash frequently like the updated versions. Because the old version has few active users simultaneously, it only crashes occasionally.

Yes, if you want to use the older version of the Picasso app, then dont update the latest version. If you have already updated the app and do not like it, you can uninstall it and download the older version from a top-rank site to have some nostalgic vibes.

You can easily download the older version by searching it on the Chrome browser and downloading it from a top-ranking site.


The Picasso apk Old version has become quite popular in the last few years, and the developers frequently introduce the latest versions to bring some new and unique features. However, some users feel uncomfortable with the new versions because the new ones usually crash.

Some users would prefer a different layout and theme for the updated versions. They feel comfy in the Picasso apk Old version. In this blog, we have briefly discussed the older versions of the Picasso app. The Picasso app, and How to use and install the older version to give users a proper guide. After reading this blog, you can download the older version without any hustle and
entertain yourself with the old nostalgic vibes.

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