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Pikashow is a common streaming app that is quite popular in South Asia. Firstly, Pikashow was developed as an Android app, But completing the user’s demand, they also brought the iOS version of Pikashow. Downloading Picasso on iOS is quite tricky. We are not forcing you to download Pikashow on iOS, but we are doing our job to fulfill the user’s demand. We are putting a direct user guide on Pikashow for iOS in our own words.

Pikashow for iOS

Reading this article will clarify your thoughts about downloading Pikashow on iOS, MacBook, and other Apple products. Downloading Pikashow on your Apple device will make your device compatible. We are reading the facts about downloading Picasso app on iOS because it has some tricky methods. So, tighten your seatbelts and jump into this article full of knowledge and information about Pikashow
on iOS.

What Is PikaShow Apk?

Pikashow is a comprehensive streaming app where you can watch your favorite content without hassle. Pikashow contains millions of users’ recognition. It is an online streaming app where you can enjoy thousands of web series, films, and animated movies. The main thing about its popularity is it is a free app. You don’t need to pay any subscription charges to use the picasso App for ios.

It is a super alternative for Hotstar, Disney, and Netflix. Pikashow contains a wide range of web series from vintage days to the latest. Many films of modern days to 19’s are stored in this App. It delivers entirely free services to the users. It offers a vast range of features. Some of the features are converse about below.

Extra Ordinary Features of PikaShow

Just like Pikachu app, Pikashow has many incredible features, but we are chewing over the most talked about and extraordinary features.

Best Streaming App for iOS:

For iOS, Pikashow is an unbelievable streaming platform. Hundreds of features in a single app, which is also a free app, are just magnificent. Genuinely,  
It is an excellent streaming app for iOS because all you want to watch is a single click away from you. iOS 14, 15, 16, and 17 support the latest version of Pikashow.

Offers a Diverse Range of Content:

While diving into the App, you will find a wide range of content. From Bollywood to Hollywood, Tamil to French, Animations to cartoons, and much more you can find on a single app. You can also enjoy Live TV channels, documentaries, and Short Films. It means all you want to watch is available on this App without charges.

Worldwide Live TV Channels:

1400+ TV channels are waiting for your response on the Pikashow app. These TV channels are from worldwide. You need good internet and install the Pikashow app on your device. Then, these International channels are one click away from you.

Online Movies/Songs:

A vast range of Songs and movies are stored in this App. Just explore the App and more; you are going to love it. Explore your favorite songs and movies in the search bar.
Content like premium apps are stored in this free App.

Live Sports Streaming:

Are you a cricket lover? And you want to watch and enjoy cricket wherever you are. You need to install the Pikashow app on your iOS device. Multiple cricket Leagues worldwide, Like IPL, PSL, and BPL, are streamed on this App without subscription charges like Tamasha, Tapmad, and other paid apps. You can entertain Yourself by watching the Live streaming of Worldcup 2023 on this App. Just tap on the Sports section; many sports channels will entertain you live without being charged.

Multi-Language Support:

Pikashow is an Indian-origin app that allows you to watch content in many international languages. It means you can watch content in your mother language, too.

High-Quality Streaming:

All the content available on this App contains a resolution above 420P. It also delivers HD and Ultra HD quality content. You can also watch content in 4K, which is unbelievable in the free App.

One-Click Downloading:

Whether it is movies, web series, or any other content, it just needs one click to download the stuff because this App gives you a very user-friendly interface.
You need to tap on the download option.

User-Friendly Interface:

This App gives you a user-friendly interface. Its using method is just straightforward. Even a child can use this App without any problems. It has a decent theme and multiple simple options to get what you want quickly.

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How to Download PikaShow for iOS on the App Store?

  • Register your app store first if you wish to have the Pikashow app on your iPhone. If you have done registration for the app store, hunt for the Pikashow app.
  • It will show some related apps. You need to download the Pikashow app and tap on the download option. It will require a double configuration to download.
  • Hold the main button and down volume button together to verify the download. Please wait until it completes and enjoy the App.
pikashow on Iphone

Usage Guide – PikaShow On iPhone

If you are new to the Pikashow for iOS, Just dont panic. This App has a simple interface. Open the App, and it will show you. Some sections include movies, Sports, Live TV, and web series. Just select a section of your choice or whatever you want to watch. After entering any unit, it will show you content according to your chosen section.

If you have selected the sports section and want to watch a web series later, go to the search bar and search for a web series or anything you want to watch. It will show you related content. Want to go back to main page? Just click the Home page option.

pikashow app for iOS

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Reasons To Choose PikaShow Over Other Apple Store Apps:

Pikashow is an excellent streaming app that understands what you want to watch after checking in to your previous playlist. It learns from it while you are hunting for some content and shows related content. Here are some reasons for choosing Pikashow for iOS over other streaming apps.


Everyone cares for the safety of their device and data before downloading something, and they also care if it is safe to install any App with illegal and Pirated content stored in it. Therefore, this App does not access your device data and can never harm your device.

Regular Updates:

If an OTT film is uploaded on any platform, There are likely chances that it will also be uploaded on Pikashow, But it is not guaranteed how long it will take to
upload content on this App. It may take days and months, so Keep updating your App and checking for your favorite content.

Easy To Reach:

If you are using this App, you should know there is nothing wrong with this App, and this App has no issues. If any bugs enter the App, the management team will respond to that issue as soon as possible. You can efficiently operate the search, back, and main page buttons because they have a user-friendly interface.

Positive Reviews:

This App has won users’ hearts and is known as trustworthy. This App is rated 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store.

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Pros & Cons OF Pikashow for iOS


Pikashow is a well-known streaming app where you can watch all the content without being charged. This App has become popular in South Asia in the last few years. This App has
many prominent features. We have discussed a few in the article above. We also put a lighter note on the information about Pikashow and its pros and cons.

If this App is banned in your country, use a secure VPN because the VPN may harm your data. The user guide is also available in this article. We tried to cover every thing about Pikashow for iOS. Hope you will find this informational and valuable.


Does Pikashow work fine on an iPhone?
Yes, Pikashow works well on an iPhone. Due to the High processor of iPhones, it also runs smoothly on Apple devices.

Which is the best free alternative for Pikashow for iOS?
Many free apps are relevant to Pikashow for iOS, but the Picasso app is far better than any other app as an alternative to Pikashow.

Can we update to the latest Pikashow app on iPhone?
It is easy as it looks just open the app store and update the app to the latest update. You can also update the App from the Safari browser.

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