Download Picasso app for Smart TV Free [2024]

If you love watching content on big screens, then the Picasso app for smart TV should be your first choice.Picasso app is a fully free app where you can watch your favourite content on bigger
screens without any sort of ads. Picasso app delivers the Best streaming Quality on Smart
TV, too, just like on Android phones.

Picasso app for Smart TV

The Picasso app gives you a lot of Sports channels, movies, and many more interesting content
without costing any money. You can watch this stuff By installing the app on your Smart
Tv. Early, this was developed as an Android app. Later, after seeing its rise, the app developers
added the PC version and Screen Casting feature, too.

How to Install the Picasso app for Smart TV?

The Picasso app is not Formally available for Smart TV companies like Android TV, Sony Smart TV, and Samsung TV, among others. However, you might be able to download the Picasso app from any third-party app store. However, it is not secure and can be harmful to your device. Here is a simple way to download the picasso app for Smart TV.

  • Go for the Chrome browser on your Smart TV and search Picasso app’s latest version for Smart TV.
  • Download the app from a high-rated site.
  • Install the app on your Smart TV.
  • Open the Picasso app and search and watch your favourite content.

Features of Picasso App for Smart TV:

Picasso app for TV has incredible features, and these features make the content of the app more interesting. You can enjoy these features without costing any money and without creating an account for sign-in. Here are some features of the Picasso app for TV.

Enjoy Live Sports:

By installing the Picasso for android tv, you can enjoy yourself by watching Live Cricket like IPL, Asia Cup, World Cup, and different cricket leagues around the world and different sports like soccer, football, and hockey with high-quality and ads-free video streaming. You can record these matches through your Smart TV features.

Movies and web series:

After installing the Picasso app on your Smart TV, You can entertain yourself by watching the best web series, movies, and your favourite content. A huge amount of content is stored in the Picasso app for TV. You can enjoy this content anytime by just searching in the search bar.

From old movies to the latest, from english series to Hindi, from TV shows channels to sports, with extraordinary dubbed languages and stylish subtitles, all your favourite content will be available here.

Watch content on External Players of Smart TV:

In the latest version of the Picasso app, you can use your favourite external players like VLC for Smart TV, the MX player for Smart TV, and along with other players, to watch content on the Picasso app for Smart TV without any sort of issue.

To use this feature, you do not need to install any other premium app for watching content like Prime Video and Disney+, You can watch all your favourite stuff with external players’ support without spending any penny.

Subtitles and Dubbed Language:

In the latest version of this app, you can watch your favourite stuff, like movies, etc., with your favourite dubbed languages and by choosing your favourite subtitles. This app offers Dubbed languages like English, Hindi, French, and Tamil with their Language-based subtitles.

Ad-free Streaming:

This app does not support any kind of third-party apps, so you can watch streaming content without any sort of ads. You don’t need to install any ad blocker because this app is fully free from ads.

Watch videos offline:

In the Picasso app, you have a downloading facility; by using this feature, you can download videos and save them for watching later when you have no or low internet connection. Downloading videos on Smart TV is the best feature of this app so far.

Support All kinds of Smart TVs:

The latest version of the Picasso app can be simply installed on any Smart TV like Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Android Smart TV And along with others. You can download and install the app by using a web Chrome browser. The Picasso app’s latest update for Smart TV will function perfectly. Its latest version will enable more features. You can command it easily on any sort of Smart TV.

Fully Free Streaming for Smart TV:

This app delivers streaming videos without costing any sort of currency. You can access this app without spending any money for the streaming. The app became famous within a very short time because of this feature, and this is one of the biggest features of this app that made it famous and got millions of users.


Yes, As with any other Smart TV, this app can be effortlessly installed on the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. You can enjoy the free streaming by just installing it through the Chrome browser for Smart TV.

Yes, the app offers streaming videos, Live cricket, sports channels, and Animations fully free.

No, the app is not secure. That is why IOS does not support this app on any of its devices. Because it might create some problems for the users, and it may harm the devices and users’ security.

Yes, you can download any video on Picasso app for android Tv to feed it, so you can watch it when you are offline or when you don’t have access to the internet or low internet.


In the Blog above, we have briefly described the use of the Picasso app for Smart TV, How to install it on Smart TV, and the features of the Picasso app . Picasso app delivers all its services and features for absolutely free. You can install the Picasso app and make use of it by reading our Blog. Picasso app has a lot of features, but I have discussed the most important features of the app Hope it will be very useful for all of you.

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