How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso

Many cricket lovers want to watch Live cricket on their smartphones when they are not home. Most people do not have TV in their homes, so they want to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso on their smartphones. So, Picasso has an incredible feature. It supports live sports like Cricket, tennis, and more games. You can entertain yourself by watching Cricket.

Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso

Many apps stream Worldcup 2024 live, but they are mostly paid, while you can watch it for free on The Picasso app, and it is 100% worth it. You can watch the Cricket World Cup live on the Picasso app because it is a safe and secure application. In this blog, we are going to teach you How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso. You can watch Cricket World Cup 2024 online without having any issues.

Picasso Best Streaming App

Picasso app is the most popular streaming app in India and Pakistan. An Indian developed it. It accesses you to thousands of films, web series, and animation films. The app management facilitates you through downloading facility.

Picasso app is the most downloaded streaming app that provides you with content without any subscription charges. It has a lot of unique features. It also provides subtitles in more than five languages. It also accesses your content with more than five dubbed languages, which means you can also watch movies in your native language.

The reason behind its millions of downloads is also the Sports channels in the Piccaso app. It provides you with multiple sports channels where you can watch sports live. You can watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on the Picasso app pc for free.

Picasso Streaming Attributes For World Cup 2024

Picasso app is one of the best free World Cup streaming apps in the World. It is the most trusted and worthy app for the World Cup 2024 streaming. The fantastic thing is can be downloaded on Windows, IOS, macbook, and Google Play Store. The popularity of this goes beyond just the World Cup, as it boasts a range of exceptional features that make it truly remarkable. Any free tool does not offer such features, which is why it is a worthy app for Worldcup 2024 streaming.

Free subscription:

Picasso app is a fully free app. This app does not charges any fee. It means you can watch premium quality content for free of cost. There are
Hundreds of apps cost subscription charges for streaming World, but you can watch it live on the Picasso app without any premium charges.

High Quality available:

Free subscription is not the only reason for its millions of downloads. High Quality is also a reason for its popularity. This app provides you content with high-quality. You can entertain yourself by watching World Cup 2024 live on the Picasso app in High Quality. It also accesses high-quality streaming on both internet sources, wifi and mobile data.

Downloading Accessibility:

When you are watching World Cup 2024 live, you can download live videos to save precious moments and share them with your friends and family. This is the best feature of the Picasso app, which is appreciated by many users on the internet.

Fast, slow, and rewind features

If you have missed some moments while watching any sports, you can rewind it to watch those moments. You can fasten the sports recorded video also. It also gives you the slow option; by choosing this option, you can also watch sports videos in slow motion. These are the best features of the Picasso app for watching sports.

Ads free interface

If you are exhausted by too many ads while watching the World Cup, then the Picasso app will be the best option for you. Its ads-free interface is the main reason behind the popularity of World Cup streaming. It gives you an ads-free interface so you can watch the World Cup without being irritated by ads.

Steps to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso

  • Download the Picasso app from any browser like Chrome, Safari, or Opera. You can also download it on Google Play Store, IOS, and Windows.
  • Install the app on any of your devices where you want to use it.
  • Open the Picasso app and hunt for the sports section.
  • Choose the cricket option in the sports section.
  • Click on the watch Live match option.
  • Tap to use media player.
  • Choose the full-screen option for more satisfaction.
  • Enjoy ads-free cricket World Cup live.


Picasso app’s free World Cup live streaming is the main reason for its popularity among the whole World during the World Cup. It is among one of the best and one of the most downloaded apps that streams free streaming of the World Cup 2024. In our this blog we have delivered all the latest information about How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso.

We have discussed its streaming attributes and provided you with simple steps to watch World 2024 live on the Picasso app. If you have read this blog carefully, then you will not face any problems while Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on Picasso. It will be easier for you now to watch the World Cup 2024 live on the Picasso app. This article will help you while watching the World Cup.


Yes, you can watch animation series live on the Picasso app by tapping on the web series section. You can also download the series or save them in the app.

Yes, You can record live matches free on the Picasso app. You can also rewind, fasten, and play recorded videos.

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