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If you are a movie lover and you want to watch movies on your PC without paying any kind of subscription charges, then you should use the Pikashow app on your PC. The Pikashow app allows you to watch movies online, and it also enables the download option. We are going to give you proper information about the Pikashow for PC.

Pikashow for Pc

We will tell you How to download and install the Pikashow app on your PC, the benefits of the Pikashow app on your PC, the Features of the Pikashow app for PC, and its basics. After reading this article about Pikashow web, you can manually install the Picasso app on your PC without having any problems.

What Is Pikashow PC?

Watching movies is a source of joy and entertainment for all of us. Everyone wants to watch web series, films, and animations on same app. But most of the app that provides this type of content are paid apps, and their subscription packages are too costly. After the need and demand on the internet, an Indian man developed the Pikashow app, which is completely free. This app accesses all this content without any subscription packages same as Picasso app for Pc . This app has multiple features. It supports subtitles in four different languages.

Picasso app for Pc

You can watch all the content dubbed in languages like Hindi, Tamil, english, and Italian. The Fantastic feature of this app is its streams of live cricket like Worldcup, IPL, and other international leagues. You can also watch multiple sports live and recorded in the sports section. It is among one of the most fantastic free streaming movie apps where you can watch content in High resolution. Pikashow hit a million downloads within less time than the developers introduced the PikaShow for PC and IOS.

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Features of Pikashow for PC

The Developers add some realistic and incredible features in every app to make the app successful. We are discussing some features of the Pikashow for PC below in simple words.

Pausing and Resuming:

Pikashow app has many unique features, but one of the most used features of the app is Pausing and resuming. If you are watching a movie, you can stop the movie at any time in the app, and after some time, if you want to watch the movie at the same time as you have left, then you can resume the movie to watch it at the exact place.

Live streaming:

The Pikashow app is all about Live streaming of content, whether it is movies, sports, or TV shows. You can have access to watch movies on your PC without having any issues with the Pikashow app. You can also access to watch live sports on the app to entertain yourself. You have to hunt for the content you want to watch.

All you have to do is to secure a good internet connection without being troubled. It also allows you flawless streaming; You don’t have to buy or rent the movies like on Amazon Prime Video. It accesses all the stuff stored in the app without any charges.

Easy-to-use interface:

This app is very smooth to use. You can use this straightforward because everything is shown very simply, and this makes the app very easy to use.


If you watched a movie on this app, then it will show you some movies as a recommendation of the movies you watched in the Past. This app stores the customer’s demand and works for your recommendations. If you have watched a Suspense thriller, then it will show you some more suspense thriller movies as a recommendation.

Download Accessibility:

Pikashow for PC not only allows you to watch the content but also allows you to download the content. It means you can download the content you want without being charged for this. Just tap on the download button.

Subtitles Support:

If you are having trouble watching a dubbed movie, then you can read subtitles to make it easy for you. Subtitles are available on the app in 3 or more different languages. Subtitles are available in a decent font, which makes the app more realistic. Subtitle support makes the app more powerful.

Dubbed Audio Available:

On Most apps, customers’ favorite language content is not available. But the Pikashow app accesses your content with five or more different dubbed languages. It means you can watch your favorite stuff in your native language.

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How to Download and Install Pikashow On a PC?

We are discussing downloading and Installing the Pikashow for PC. Some Easy steps to guide you are given below:
Firstly, you have to search for the Pikashow app download on any browser. You can search it on Chrome browser to work perfectly. After searching on it, click on the top-rank site to open the site. After opening the site, tap on the download button and wait untill the app is ready.
After the completion of download, Install the app using Bluestacks.

Bluestacks for Pikashow

If Bluestacks is not installed on your device, then first download and install the Bluestacks app. Open the Google credentials to allow the Google Play Store.Click to Open the Google Play Store and double click to install the Pikashow app.

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Pikashow is the most trending video streaming app. It’s mostly known as an Android app, but users also want to install this app on their PCs. So, Above in the article, we wrote a guide about Pikashow for PC. We wrote about the downloading and installation process of Picashow for PC. We put a note on the Pikashow app information and features of the Pikashow app. I hope everyone gets this process and likes our method of teaching.


Yes, Pikashow and Picasso are both available on IOS. Both apps are ready to download on IOS and Macbook.

Yes, the You Picasso app is available for PC. You can download and install the app using Bluestacks.

Yes, You will find this app worthy after downloading. It has multiple unique and incredible features and has a user-free interface.

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